Picking It Up

Series 1 - Episode 1 Picking It Up



Considering it was hurried into production as a last-minute replacement for Shoestring, it’s amazing that this opening episode of Bergerac from 1981 contains so many of the staple elements that would see the series through much of the following decade. Jim’s clashes with both his police bosses and less-than-legit ex-father-in-law Charlie, that classic Triumph Roadster, as well as the memorable reggae-accordion theme tune – it’s all here. And let’s not forget Jersey’s mega-rich, routinely depicted as villains of the week.

The discordant note comes in the form of guest-star Floella Benjamin, immediately recoginisable from her years as a Play School presenter, but whose voice here has been inexplicably (and jarringly) dubbed by another actress.


The Jersey detective is shocked when he returns from sick leave to find his job at stake, and a colleague is murdered when investigating international gun sales. Crime drama, starring John Nettles.

Cast & Crew

Jim Bergerac John Nettles
Francine Leland Cecile Paoli
Charles Hungerford Terence Alexander
Crozier Sean Arnold
Deborah Bergerac Deborah Grant
Charlotte Annette Badland
Kim Lindsay Heath
Diamante Lil Nela White
Gulliver Danny Schiller
Director Martyn Friend
Producer Robert Banks Stewart
Writer Robert Banks Stewart
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