Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Series 10 - Episode 1 Sweden



In a welcome return, Ben gets a masterclass in low-impact self-sufficiency from free spirit Annalisa, and her cute toddler Nico, in the Swedish wilderness. Although this is the tenth series of New Lives, Ben still has trouble understanding his hosts’ motives – at least, at first. He’s perplexed by Annalisa’s life as a modern-day hobo, and her former decision to live on the streets rather than conform to conventionality.

On a dumpster dive, Ben picks up a baguette and says, “Now, I’d happily eat this, but I’d worry about feeding it to kids”. “That’s for the chicken,” is Annalisa’s reply. Her bravery is inspiring, but her life looks like mighty hard work.


Ben travels to the coastal forests of southern Sweden to meet 24-year-old single mother Annalisa, a native Italian who left everything in her home country behind when she was a teenager, and is now developing a forest hideaway on the fringes of society for her and her toddler. Ben helps her chop wood and make her home baby-proof, while Annalisa goes busking to make a small living. They also go dumpster-diving in search of rubbish that can be put to good use to counter the amount of waste thrown away.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Executive Producer Harry Lansdown
Series Director Natalie Wilkinson
Series Producer Natalie Wilkinson