Korea: the Never Ending War

Korea: the Never Ending War


This international co-production is as sharp a precis of the history of Korea since 1945 as you could hope for. It tells how, after the Second World War, the Korean peninsula was cut in two (without a word of input from any Korean) by a straight line drawn on a map. The 38th parallel was intended as a temporary border between regions of Soviet and US influence but hardened into a military frontier as the Cold War set in.

The programme charts how, after Kim Il Sung’s troops invaded South Korea in 1950, the tides of the war kept turning and vast areas repeatedly changed hands. It was, says one historian, “one of the worst, most vicious, violent, nauseating wars of the 20th century”.


Retracing the history of the Cold War in Korea, that resulted in millions of deaths, brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and continues to shape history to this day.

Cast & Crew

Director John Maggio