Dublin Murders

Series 1 - Episode 3



When you mash two dark, complex, eerie, many-layered crime stories together, you get one very big dark, complex, eerie, many-layered crime story. Which is fine, but in the case of Dublin Murders, screenwriter Sarah Phelps’s adaptation of two Tana French novels, it also makes for a dense and bitter thing, like a rich chocolate mousse. Brace yourselves. 

The evocation of an oppressive atmosphere reeking of death and horror is brilliantly done, with even a dash of the supernatural, as the towering trees in those dense woods – where 13-year-old Katy Devlin’s body has been discovered – bear down on investigators Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox (Killian Scott and Sarah Greene).

But Rob must dig into his own tormented past, where a dreadful tragedy lies raw and unresolved, and which seems to have an increasing bearing on his current case. Part four is tomorrow.


As Katy is finally laid to rest, Rob continues to be haunted by memories of the past and Jonathan Devlin and his friends' disturbing presence in the woods on the fateful day Peter and Jamie disappeared. The public and media pressure to find Katy's killer is intense, and Superintendent O'Kelly is concerned that all lines of inquiry have led to naught. Rob, however, is increasingly certain that his memories are leading him to the truth. Cassie receives a frantic dawn phone call from Frank, who is in Wicklow following the trail of corrupt land deals along the path of the planned motorway.

Cast & Crew

Cassie Maddox Sarah Greene
Rob Reilly Killian Scott
Dr Cooper Ned Dennehy
Det Sam O'Neill Moe Dunford
Dr Mark Hanley Jonathan Forbes
Damien Donnelly Jonny Holden
Garda Phelan Ian Kenny
Jonathan Devlin Peter McDonald
Rosalind Devlin Leah McNamara
Simone Cameron Alexandra Moen
Margaret Devlin Kathy Monahan
Det Quigley Eugene O’Hare
Frank Mackey Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Jamie Rowan Ellie O'Halloran
Peter Savage Niall Jordan
Adam Reilly Michael D'Arcy
Young Jonathan Daniel Brickenden
Young Cathal David Thomas
Young Shane Niall O'Brien
John Reilly Mark Byrne
Clare Hogan Amelia Crowley
Alicia Rowan Eunice McMenamin
Sophie Miller Shereen Martin
Young Sandra Aoife Fitzpatrick
Mrs Fitzgerald Barbara Brennan
Roch Boyle Aidan O'Hare
Sandra Sculley Carolyn Bracken
Terence Andrews Marcus Lamb
Daniel March Sam Keeley
Katy Devlin/Jessica Devlin Amy Macken
Mel Royce Florence Ordesh
John Naylor Peter Coonan
Priest Eamon Rohan
Driver Danny O'Connor
Director John Hayes
Executive Producer Kate Harwood
Executive Producer Noemi Spanos
Executive Producer Sarah Phelps
Executive Producer Saul Dibb
Executive Producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff
Executive Producer Tommy Bulfin
Executive Producer Alan Gasmer
Executive Producer Peter Jaysen
Executive Producer Ed Guiney
Producer Carmel Maloney
Writer Sarah Phelps
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