Night and Day: Walter Presents - Crime and Punishment

Night and Day: Walter Presents - Crime and Punishment

Series 2



The Catalan thriller returns, after its first series proved a deeply unsettling success for Walter Presents. The story centres on Sara, a top forensic pathologist in Barcelona who has now split up with her faithless husband from series one (though he clearly isn’t over her), and is in a relationship with an old friend. 

Sara’s new case involves a long-dead body found in a cave complex and by the end of the episode we learn how that connects to patients in a psychiatric unit where some [italics] very [italics] disturbing violence unfolds. The portrayal of mental illness isn’t subtle but the sense of lurking evil and a network of conspiracy across the business and legal worlds of the city is powerfully done.


New series. Judge Carles Vallejo encounters a witness who is willing to provide conclusive evidence incriminating politicians and business executives in a large-scale network of corruption involving money laundering. However, these high-powered individuals are prepared to do everything possible to prevent the truth from coming out and there are tragic consequences that forensic pathologist Sara Grau must investigate. Spanish crime thriller, starring Clara Segura, Miguel Fernandez and David Verdaguer. In Catalan.

Cast & Crew

Sara Grau Clara Segura
Benet Muntada Josep Maria Pou
Victor Gonzalez Andres Herrera
Aitor Oxoa Miquel Fernandez
Pol Ambros David Verdaguer
Carmen Garcia Mar Ulldemolins
Joana Porta Lluisa Mallol
Damia Camps Peter Vives
Marti Miro Ramon Fontsere
Fidel Martin Pep Cruz
Olga Comas Victoria Pages
Fatima Comin Alba Pujol
Toni Guillen Oriol Vila
Sonia Silva Anna Alarcon
Starsky Pol Lopez
Eva Vivancos Irene Montala
Martinez Fermi Reixach
Querol Ernest Villegas
Carles Vallejo Albert Perez
Roman Palacios Manu Fullola
Marga Ruth Llopis
Lia Diana Olle
Canals Oscar Munoz
Marius Oscar Molina
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