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World on Fire

Series 1 - Episode 4



The iron has entered young Kasia’s (Zofia Wichlacz) soul after the murder of her parents and she is honey-trapping Nazi soldiers, luring them to grubby corners of Warsaw where they are murdered by her resistance fellows. But when she picks a high-profile target, an SS officer, the consequences are appalling. 

Back in England, conscientious objector Douglas Bennett (Sean Bean) can’t even give away copies of his dratted Peace News, though that’s the least of his worries as his children skitter off the rails. Lois is pregnant and his son Tom arrives home with a difficult proposition for his dad. 

As the war escalates in Peter Bowker’s absorbing drama, the sense that things cannot ever possibly be the same again becomes more acute, as characters face life-altering decisions with irrevocable consequences. For Harry (Jonah Hauer-King) leading a unit through Belgium, it means growing up and becoming a leader.


Harry and his unit are fighting for their lives in the town of Louvain, Belgium, where the German forces far outnumber those of the Allies. Grzegorz and Konrad are woken by a German troop, while back in Warsaw Kasia and Tomasz's resistance activity has horrific consequences. Webster is shocked to learn more about the rise of anti-Semitism in Paris when a Jewish couple come seeking his help.

Cast & Crew

Lois Bennett Julia Brown
Connie Knight Yrsa Daley-Ward
Stan Raddings Blake Harrison
Harry Chase Jonah Hauer-King
Tom Bennett Ewan Mitchell
Albert Fallou Parker Sawyers
Webster O'Connor Brian J Smith
Kasia Tomaszeski Zofia Wichlacz
Claudia Rossler Victoria Mayer
Schmidt Max Riemelt
Grzegorz Tomaszeski Mateusz Wieclawek
Uwe Rossler Johannes Zeiler
Douglas Bennett Sean Bean
Robina Chase Lesley Manville
Nancy Campbell Helen Hunt
Tomasz Tomasz Zietek
Konrad Borys Szyc
Michael Luis Pintsch
Karl Andreas Warmbrunn
Hester Fanette Ronjat
Daniel Michael Levi Harris
Henriette Guilbert Eugenie Derouand
Hesse Christian Claub
Schneider Matthias Kelle
Frau Pessler Helene Grass
Hilda Rossler Dora Zygouri
Jan Tomaszeski Eryk Biedunkiewicz
Taffy Morgan Matthew Aubrey
Joe Broughton Ceallach Spellman
Young woman Violet Verigo
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Peter Bowker
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Helen Ziegler
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Peter Nadermann
Producer Nickie Sault
Series Producer Chris Clough
Writer Peter Bowker
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