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Series 7 - Episode 3



The Spiral cops seem to have a boss – the bloke in the smart suit – but on the streets they do as they please, hurtling around Paris clipping suspects round the back of the head and throwing themselves into half-cocked, very dangerous undercover ops. 

You might even laugh out loud when detective Gilou promises a worried witness, “We will be as discreet as possible.” Discreet? You lot? As they hunt the killer of their friend and colleague, the cops follow the trail of a drugs gang (never very fertile dramatic territory; it’s hard to care) and conduct one of their hastily assembled surveillance missions from the back of a blacked-out van. Chaos ensues.


Ryan is not telling the whole story, so Roban decides to lock him up. Laure discovers that Wang was one of Herville's CIs, and Josephine gets closer to her cellmate Lola. In French.

Cast & Crew

Laure Berthaud Caroline Proust
Lt Gilles `Gilou' Escoffier Thierry Godard
Judge Francois Roban Philippe Duclos
Ali Amrani Tewfik Jallab
Josephine Karlsson Audrey Fleurot