Stevie is torn between his mother and sister as he tries to hold the family together, while Lenny's plan to lie low in prison is under threat, and Alex ups his romantic game to convince Nicole he will always be there for her.

Cast & Crew

Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Kelly-Marie Adams Carmen Pieraccini
Stevie O'Hara Iain Robertson
Nicole Brodie Holly Jack
Gordon Harris Gavin Jon Wright
Scarlett O'Hara Sally Howitt
Caitlin McLean Gayle Telfer Stevens
Alex Murdoch Jordan Young
Poppy Patterson Lindsey Campbell
Ruby McLean Zindzi Hudson
Dylan Christie Sean Connor
Bob O'Hara Stephen Purdon
Callum Adams Ty McPhee
Michaela Brodie Rosie Robertson
Director David Hayman
Producer Martin McCardie
Writer Anita Vettesse
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Drama Soap