The Day California Burned

The Day California Burned


The town of Paradise looks more like the setting of a nuclear war than a Californian idyll since a devastating wildfire swept through it a year ago. Burnt-out cars, half a staircase rising from the ashes of a building, metal roofs melted like cheese and blackened tree stumps reveal how quickly the fire spread. “It looked like Dante’s Inferno,” said one evacuee. In just a few hours the town was incinerated, leaving more than 80 people dead, tens of thousands of residents homeless and more than $16.5 billion of damage. Eye witnesses – firefighters and residents – describe one of the worst wildfire disasters America’s ever seen.


Documentary examining the devastating wildfire that swept through northern California in November 2018, causing the deaths of more than 80 people and approximately $16.5billion of damage. The film features interviews with firefighters, police officers and local residents who came face to face with the fire, including a nurse who evacuated her patients before finding herself trapped in the middle of the blaze.

Cast & Crew

Director Jane McMullen
Executive Producer Fiona Stourton