Waking the Dead

Every Breath You Take

Series 1 - Episode 5 Every Breath You Take



Feature-length episode. The body of police hero Debbie Britten washes up in the Thames a year after she disappeared, summoning the Cold Case unit to investigate. Initially, suspicion falls on a stalker, but the plot thickens further with the discovery that Debbie was pregnant at the time of her murder. Trevor Eve, Sue Johnston, Holly Aird and Tessa Peake-Jones star.

Cast & Crew

Dr Grace Foley Sue Johnston
Det Supt Peter Boyd Trevor Eve
Dr Frankie Wharton Holly Aird
DS Amelia `Mel' Silver Claire Goose
DS Spencer Jordan Wil Johnson
DAC Ralph Christie Simon Kunz
DI Steven Maitland Thomas Lockyer
Fiona Maitland Tessa Peake-Jones
Christopher Redford Lee Ross
Michael Skinner Andrew Buckley
James Britten Terence Maynard
Norma Jones Dinah Stabb
Sgt Debbie Britten Joanne Farrell
Director Gary Love
Writer Barbara Machin
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