Series 1 - Episode 1



This is a dubious TV experiment to test how secure – or porous – our borders are. Eight ordinary citizens try to smuggle themselves into Britain from Europe, without using their passports.

Action man Asher gets a very basic rib boat in Cherbourg and sets off on the battering 70-mile journey across the Channel to Weymouth. Carolynne hides in the loo of her and husband David’s motorhome as they board the car ferry at Caen. Khurram tries to enter using someone else’s passport – someone who doesn’t look that similar. Will the border force guards spot the difference? “Our borders should be secure,” frets Carolynne, but the results won’t reassure her.


Part one of two. Documentary exploring the effectiveness of Britain's border security, with people attempting to smuggle themselves into the UK from a variety of locations around continental Europe. From boats to lorries, and ferries to car boots, all of the contributors attempt routes that have been used by those seeking to enter the country clandestinely and by people-traffickers and drug dealers.

Cast & Crew

Director Simon Brown
Executive Producer Ed Kellie
Executive Producer David Modell
Producer Simon Brown
Series Producer Tom Stone