Comedy Legends

The Marx Brothers

Series 2 - Episode 1 The Marx Brothers



The Marx Brothers may seem very last century, but I still find their anarchic brand of humour, their wordplay and slapstick, hilarious and wish their films were on TV more often. They rose through New York vaudeville to Broadway to Hollywood movies 1930s, which are the focus of host Barry Cryer and other fans, including Tony Hawks and Jo Caulfield.

Wise-cracking Groucho Marx was eminently quotable; his brothers less so. Harpo was famously silent, but Chico, the wise-guy pianist, had a dry streak. After a dismal solo tour of postwar Britain taking in Hull, Dudley and Coventry, he cabled impresario Bernard Delfont: “Eternal gratitude for sending me to Hell, Deadly and Cemetery.”


Barry Cryer returns to pay tribute to more of the comedy acts he has worked with over his many years in the business, beginning with the Marx Brothers.
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