Climate Change: What Can We Do? - Panorama

Climate Change: What Can We Do? - Panorama



One challenge of climate change is that, if we took it truly seriously, it would have to become, as Jonathan Franzen put it recently, “everyone’s overriding priority for ever”. A man who has puzzled more than most over the everyday steps that would involve is the BBC's chief environment correspondent, Justin Rowlatt.

For tonight’s Panorama, he looks at the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 and its implications for our homes, how we travel and what we eat. With the help of a family in Nottingham, he identifies the most important things we can all do and explores what the Government is doing to encourage us.


The Government has promised Britain will radically reduce carbon emissions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. To get there, people need to make big changes to the way they live, but how much difference will they really make? With the help of a family in Nottingham, Justin Rowlatt finds out what are the most important things people can do and asks what the government is doing to encourage everyone to alter the way they live.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Justin Rowlatt
Director Davina Bristow
Editor Rachel Jupp
Executive Producer Diana Martin
Producer Davina Bristow
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