Series 1 - Episode 8



There is yet another ball at Sanditon as characters dance around one another, not just literally but metaphorically and emotionally. The vacuous Charlotte and all-purpose hunk Sidney (Rose Williams and Theo James) are still making cow eyes at each other from across the room, leaving you screaming, “Just ravish each other, for goodness’ sake!”

By this final episode it’s hard to care whether the town of Sanditon, this grand resort by the sea, will be completed and will flourish. Its visionary developer Tom Parker (Kris Marshall) is perpetually hard-up because so few members of the gentry actually want to come to patronise the place.

But there’s serious trouble ahead that could threaten the town’s future.


It's the final visit to the Sunday night period drama, giving viewers a chance to find out how writer Andrew Davies has brought his adaptation of Jane Austen's unfinished novel to an end. On the night of the Midsummer Ball, romantic interests are finally resolved. However, the fate of Sanditon is in the balance when events conspire to leave Charlotte and the Parker family facing down impossible choices. Rose Williams stars as the feisty heroine, with Theo James, Anne Reid and Kris Marshall.

Cast & Crew

Charlotte Heywood Rose Williams
Sidney Parker Theo James
Lady Denham Anne Reid
Tom Parker Kris Marshall
Mary Parker Kate Ashfield
Sir Edward Denham Jack Fox
Esther Denham Charlotte Spencer
Miss Lambe Crystal Clarke
Young Stringer Leo Suter
Arthur Parker Turlough Convery
Diana Parker Alexandra Roach
Lord Babington Mark Stanley
Mr Crowe Matthew Needham
Mrs Griffiths Elizabeth Berrington
Mr Hankins Kevin Eldon
Julia Beaufort Kayleigh-Paige Rees
Phillida Beaufort Mollie Holder
Old Stringer Rob Jarvis
Eliza Campion Ruth Kearney
Fred Robinson James Atherton
Director Charles Sturridge
Executive Producer Belinda Campbell
Executive Producer Andrew Davies
Producer Georgina Lowe
Writer Andrew Davies
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