Damian Lewis: Spy Wars

Bombs in the Sky

Series 1 - Episode 2 Bombs in the Sky



After the Cold War intrigue of last week’s opener, this series on great espionage operations focuses on the wide-ranging surveillance powers used to battle the amorphous threat of home-grown terrorists. It centres on the largest surveillance operation on British soil, to foil a huge al-Qaeda plot in 2006 to blow up nine passenger jets over the Atlantic.

It’s a relatively straightforward story of 24-hour surveillance, and it’s told straight, too. The one interesting moment of dramatic tension, between the desire of the CIA to act swiftly and MI5’s approach of watching and waiting, is glossed over to concentrate on detailing the operation’s effectiveness.


The true story behind Operation Overt, launched in June 2006 by MI5 as the biggest surveillance operation in British history, in a bid to stop a terrorist in his tracks.
Drama Documentary