Mark Ronson: From the Heart

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Mark Ronson: From the Heart


Superstar producer Mark Ronson has made an awful lot of popular records, which oddly turns out to be a crimp on this perfectly well-made biographical documentary. Extensive interviews with Ronson himself tell his story, starting with a music-infused upbringing that was fissured by divorce – an experience Ronson says informed his unusually reflective 2019 album Late Night Feelings. Despite the film’s feature length, though, there’s no time to explore that fully, because Boy George, Lady Gaga, Josh Homme and others are queuing up to lionise Ronson for his work with them.

Gradually a picture emerges of a smart, versatile pro with a very modern talent – reworking classic sounds of the 60s and 70s to suit 21st-century ears – that can’t be distilled into anything really stirring.


The songwriter and producer discusses his life and musical influences, including how the break-up of his marriage has influenced his most recent album, Late Night Feelings. The programme follows Ronson in London, Los Angeles and New York at work and at home, and there are interviews with family and friends, along with the likes of Lady Gaga, Simon Le Bon, Josh Homme and Bradley Cooper.

Cast & Crew

Director Carl Hindmarch
Executive Producer Anouk Fontaine