Series 1 - Episode 5



If you’re watching Temple for the neat premise and cool cast, well, tonight there’s a bonus: proper drama. That hasn’t been a given up to now, but it’s episode five so it’s not before time. There is one agonisingly awful moment and a very tense face-off. The latter comes in the storyline involving Craig Parkinson as a blank-faced, slightly shabby tough guy called Keith: I already want him to have his own spin-off series.

He and Wunmi Mosaku’s character are on the trail of the big bag of cash that is still stashed somewhere in the warren of tunnels and chambers under Temple Underground station. Meanwhile, surgeon Daniel (Mark Strong) must buy a kidney for his comatose wife.


Daniel's descent reaches new depths when is forced to enter the dark and dangerous world of black-market organ-trading to save a patient, only for a chance encounter to scupper everything. Meanwhile, the naive Jamie contacts his pregnant girlfriend Michelle just as the police and the gangsters are closing in.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Milton Mark Strong
Anna Carice van Houten
Jamie Tobi King Bakare
Michelle Siena Kelly