Series 1 - Episode 3



Frayed is a curious show. You can never be sure if the next scene will be a complete dud or brilliant. The setting is New South Wales in 1988, where mother-of-two Sammy (writer Sarah Kendall) is trying to rebuild her life after returning from London.

There are broad characters like her dimwit brother and his scheming girlfriend; then there are subtle characters like her mother, a reformed alcoholic who, in this episode, takes her first steps towards dating since being widowed decades ago.

It’s an interesting, heartfelt angle on later-life romance but the poignant scenes sit unevenly alongside quirky slapstick. Even so, Frayed is like nothing else around and, for that alone, worth a look.


Sammy snoops around Chris's office for evidence of his underhand dealings so she can blackmail him, while Lenny pals up with a fellow misfit and a date lands Jean in hot water.

Cast & Crew

Sammy Cooper Sarah Kendall