There Are No F*****g Sides

Series 1 - Episode 7 There Are No F*****g Sides



Where most serial dramas open with a ‘Previously on…’ sequence to bring us up to speed, City on a Hill simply has white-on-black captions at the start of each episode. It’s a good technique: they look forensic and factual and bring a sense of order to the multiple plot strands threaded through the story.

And what a story… As our loose affiliation of cops, prosecutors and one rogue FBI agent (Kevin Bacon, on deadly form) try to clean up 1990s Boston we’re forever reminded of the compromises along the way. ‘Sword of justice’ lawyer Decourcy Ward is bumping up against old-school Boston cynicism. One character sums up received local wisdom in a telling aside: “When did the truth ever help, anyone?”


Jackie thinks he is a step closer to closing the case now they have the gang's arms dealer in custody, but Decourcy has other ideas for how they should approach things.