Series 9 - Episode 3 SWALK



Joe Absolom has been sending shivers down the spine so effectively on A Confession that it’s difficult to watch him here just two evenings later playing the lovably dopey Al. Actors act, it’s what they do, but I can’t help but feel that Al is going to do something sinister, even when he’s merely planning an engagement party for Morwenna.

Aside from that note of tension (which I’ve just completely invented), this is a pleasant but by-the-numbers episode that revolves around a completely guessable medical problem for Aunt Ruth (Eileen Atkins). I don’t want to sound smug, but I arrived at a diagnosis 20 minutes before Martin did.


Ruth is concerned about becoming increasingly forgetful, and is even more perturbed when Martin offers to perform a mini mental state examination. It confirms she is showing early signs of dementia. Meanwhile, Louisa plans a special evening to celebrate Martin's birthday, and Al decides to throw Morwenna a surprise engagement party on the same night. There are also problems when Louisa's class tutorial ends in disaster. Comedy drama, starring Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz and Eileen Atkins.

Cast & Crew

Dr Martin Ellingham Martin Clunes
Louisa Ellingham Caroline Catz
Bert Large Ian McNeice
PC Joe Penhale John Marquez
Al Large Joe Absolom
Morwenna Newcross Jessica Ransom
Mrs Tishell Selina Cadell
Ruth Ellingham Eileen Atkins
Caitlin Morgan Angela Curran
Mel Hendy Rosie Ede
Professor Sam Bradman John Hollingworth
Paula Kemp Sian Thomas
Stuart Bryne Morgan Val Baker
Tony Williams Oliver Britten
Audrey Amber James
Kieron Zachary Hart
Craig Matthew Biddulph
Fisherman Tom Julian Seager
James Henry Elliott Blake
Director Nigel Cole
Executive Producer Mark Crowdy
Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Writer Julian Unthank
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Drama Comedy