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Ice Lollies

Series 15 - Episode 2 Ice Lollies



Imagine you had to design an iced lolly with a floral theme for a corporate client. I mean, the obvious thing would be to put a sprig of rosemary in each one, wouldn’t it? Ahh, the fresh taste of rosemary in an iced lolly – who doesn’t love that? Whereas for a consumer product, you might want to go for something safer, something like cherry cola and liquorice, say – flavours that, famously, everyone likes.

Yes, the girls’ team go down a challenging route in this week’s create-a-lolly task, although to be fair, the boys are pushing them all the way with a product made from lavender and beetroot juice (ahh, beetroot juice) and a corporate effort one team member admits “looks like a penis”.

It’s a fractious task with enjoyable scenes where people yell at each other in hairnets. It also has the most hilariously inappropriate “Brilliant! Well, thank you very much!” you’ll ever hear.


For the second task of the competition, the contestants are challenged to create and sell their own range of ice lollies, pitching one product to a corporate client, and selling another to the general public. In the kitchen, one team decides to opt for risky ingredients, while on the other side, a last-minute switch leads to a tough corporate meeting. After the aspiring apprentices discover who is victorious, one of the losers will be shown the door by Alan Sugar before facing that notorious taxi ride home.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Paul Broadbent
Executive Producer Emma Peach
Series Editor Joe Wildman
Series Editor Rebecca McLaughlin