Every Last Minute

Series 1 - Episode 3 Every Last Minute



It’s a typical punchy start this week. The Dean of Medicine tells Max – our whirlwind of empathy and medical wisdom – “You’re fired”. Max has only just started the job and has set about transforming the giant, complicated institution with radical candour and love. Moving fast and breaking things is Max’s style but he does it with puppy-dog eyes and caring designer stubble.

What nobody knows is that he also has throat cancer – something he still hasn’t told his beautiful pregnant wife. But that can wait: first he has to show a rich New York widow around the hospital, hoping to snare her husband’s bequest. But whoops – a naked mental health patient is on the loose. Let’s hope they don’t bump into him.


Bloom treats an inmate from Rikers, who is in a difficult position. Max gives a wealthy donor something to think about when he shows her the hospital and helps Bloom find a solution for a pregnant patient in a tough spot. Reynolds begins to build his department, while Dr Sharpe battles skepticism from potential patients.

Cast & Crew

Dr Max Goodwin Ryan Eggold
Dr Lauren Bloom Janet Montgomery
Dr Helen Sharpe Freema Agyeman
Dr Floyd Reynolds Jocko Sims
Dr Iggy Frome Tyler Labine
Dr Vijay Kapoor Anupam Kher
Dora Zabryna Guevara
Casey Alejandro Hernandez
Janelle Mason Raquel Dominguez
Ray DeMarco Matthew Maher
Georgia Goodwin Lisa O'Hare
Mrs Ryland Laila Robins
Dean Fulton Ron Rifkin
Dr Jessup Marinda Anderson
Mason Ken Ard
Anna Amy Blackman
Szura Guy Fortt
Director Jonas Pate
Writer Shaun Cassidy
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