The Great Model Railway Challenge

Semi-Final 2: Blockbusters

Series 2 - Episode 7 Semi-Final 2: Blockbusters



Oh please, stop with the laboured puns and the smut, James Richardson and Tim Shaw, this is a family show! None of the teams finds this particularly funny, unsurprising as they are all toiling away to make railway layouts on a blockbuster movie theme.

It’s the semi-final so the heat is on – although the eventual prize for the winner of next week’s final doesn’t sound too impressive: a stand at a model railway show. Can’t the victors be sent on a lovely sunny holiday, maybe?

There are some great feats of imagination, including an impressive game of quidditch for a Harry Potter layout, and a hungry T rex for a Jurassic Park-themed entry.


The three teams in the second semi-final are challenged to build a track based on a blockbuster movie in just three days. The Railmen of Kent recreate the wizarding world of Harry Potter, complete with broomsticks, giant spiders and enchanted cars. Wild card entry Muddle and Go Nowhere base their track on James Bond, while Who's Counting Rivets pay homage to Jurassic Park with a dinosaur-infested creation.

Cast & Crew

Presenter James Richardson
Presenter Tim Shaw
Director Bryher Williams
Director Suki Javle
Director Sarah Powell
Executive Producer Pat Doyle
Producer Bryher Williams
Producer Suki Javle
Producer Sarah Powell
Series Producer Ben Cook
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