Series 1 - Episode 6



It’s hard to avoid the feeling that eight episodes are too many for the story stretched across this drama. We’re at episode six now and the plot is still moving at a glacial pace, forever holding out hope of something surprising or dramatic – then deferring it.

Just as well, then, that it’s all well acted and atmospherically filmed (in a chilly Nordic style), so that watching is no hardship. If seeing Mark Strong moon around looking mournful in chic leisurewear does it for you, you’re in luck.

Daniel is facing up to the fact that he may not be able to keep his wife – who everyone else thinks is dead – alive in her coma for much longer. Meanwhile, we gather Lee (Daniel Mays) is not a man who takes rejection lightly.


Lee is left heartbroken by Celine, while Hall and Moloney make a breakthrough in tracking down Jamie, and Daniels faces up to how far he is prepared to go for someone he loves.