Home and Away

Episode 7201



Irene's trial opens with an unwelcome surprise when Tommy gives evidence. Justin is concerned about Raffy's apparent deterioration, but Alex is on hand with support.

Cast & Crew

Alf Stewart Ray Meagher
Roo Stewart Georgie Parker
Leah Patterson-Baker Ada Nicodemou
Justin Morgan James Stewart
Tori Morgan Penny McNamee
Mason Morgan Orpheus Pledger
Willow Harris Sarah Roberts
Ryder Jackson Lucas Radovich
Irene Roberts Lynne McGranger
Marilyn Chambers Emily Symons
Robbo Shaw Jake Ryan
Coco Astoni Anna Cocquerel
Ben Astoni Rohan Nichol
Maggie Astoni Kestie Morassi
Ziggy Astoni Sophie Dillman
Raffy Morrison Olivia Deeble
John Palmer Shane Withington
Dean Thompson Patrick O'Connor
Jasmine Delaney Sam Frost
Colby Thorne Tim Franklin
Bella Nixon Courtney Miller
Mackenzie Booth Emily Weir
Alex Neilson Zoe Ventoura
Karen Thompson Georgia Adamson
Producer Lucy Addario
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