The Roger and Me

Series 3 - Episode 12 The Roger and Me



Murtaugh’s thoughts of retirement were a theme of the original Lethal Weapon movies, with Danny Glover’s character seen regularly griping that he was too old to be given a bull-headed partner.

Now the TV Murtaugh is also contemplating handing in his badge after realising that it’s more than a decade since he attempted his one-time signature action move: a criminal-felling flying kick known as “the Roger”. Unfortunately, this attack also comes with the catchphrase “You’ve been Rogered”, which doesn’t translate well from the US to the UK. You can see for yourself whether our hero summons up the courage to dust off his old combat skills when he and Cole investigate a murder at an underground fight club.


Murtaugh begins to appreciate that his fighting moves aren't as sharp as they once were, while investigating the murder of an underground MMA fighter alongside Cole. Meanwhile, Trish is unfulfilled by her practice and considers running for a public office. Elsewhere, Cole and Ericat's plan to keep things casual and uncomplicated backfires when Maya reacts to her family changes in a negative way. Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott star.

Cast & Crew

Roger Murtaugh Damon Wayans
Wesley Cole Seann William Scott
Trish Murtaugh Keesha Sharp
Brooks Avery Kevin Rahm
Bernard Scorsese Johnathan Fernandez
Erica Malick Nishi Munshi
Gutierrez Paola Lazaro
Cynthia Hahn Melinda McGraw
Frank Hardy Jason Gedrick
Maya Shay Rudolph
Parker Adams Rob Raco
Sgt Gause Matt Riedy
Ms Dowd Christine Horn
Maria Christina Llorens
Director Eric Laneuville
Executive Producer Bill Callahan
Executive Producer Seamus Kevin Fahey
Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Executive Producer Dan Lin
Executive Producer Matt Miller
Executive Producer Alex Taub
Producer Joshua Levey
Writer Ariana Jackson
Writer Joe Smith
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