Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great

Series 1 - Episode 3



General Potemkin is hurling himself around the Russian court like a stroppy teenager, bored out of his mind now that he’s back from the war and eager for empress Catherine to grant him something meaningful to do. I mean, he’s given her a city in Crimea (“We shall call it… Sebastopol!”) so what else is there for him?

Catherine and Potemkin are a funny old pair, bickering like a long-married couple interviewed on The One Show about their happy lives, while during absences rogering young ladies and gentlemen to keep the sexual frustration at bay. (Not like on The One Show, obviously.)

But there are other distractions for Catherine (Helen Mirren) when she becomes a grandmother though she’s considerably fonder of the wee one than she is of her drippy son Paul, a whining weed who needs a proper job.


Catherine struggles to deal with Potemkin's moods and jealousy and tragedy strikes for Paul, forcing her to resort to extreme measures.