Charlotte Church: My Family & Me

Charlotte Church: My Family & Me


Charlotte Church has been in the public eye for practically all of her life, and the two people who have weathered the ups and downs alongside her are Maria and James – her mum and dad.

Achieving such huge fame at such a young age put a tremendous strain on her relationship with them. So much so that she left home and didn’t speak to her mum for over a year – causing Maria to have a nervous breakdown. Now, for the first time since she was a teenager, Charlotte is spending a week in Devon alone with her parents (and Channel 4’s cameras) to explore a relationship that has by her own admission been, at times, very difficult.


One-off documentary in which singer Charlotte Church explores the relationship people have with their parents by spending a week alone with her own mother and father for the first time since she was a teenager. The Churches travel to an isolated part of Devon, where they prove themselves to be an ordinary working-class family from Cardiff who just happened to have a superstar daughter. But while there is love, things at times are incredibly difficult, and it becomes apparent there is a major issue from the past that the parents and daughter have never been able to resolve.

Cast & Crew

Director Charlie Russell
Executive Producer Dov Freedman