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When Dave Gorman’s Modern Life is Goodish came to an end, telly was worseish for it. So thank goodness he’s returned with a new show that isn’t a million miles away and still showcases his brilliantly irreverent slant on the everyday.

Back with PowerPoint and his trusty clicker, he’s on familiar ground pointing out the absurd in adverts, infomercials and daytime TV.

The only major difference is there’s a mild panel-show vibe with three comedians (Richard Osman, Phil Wang and Sara Barron this episode) chipping in as he deep-dives into companies’ bizarre FAQ sections on their websites and why BBC1 daytime show Money for Nothing is obsessed with turning everything into a lamp.


Using his trademark, powerpoint-comedy and a series of mischievous games, Dave invites three of the country's finest comic minds to help him make sense of our insensible world. In the first episode he is joined by Richard Osman, Phil Wang and Sara Barron, as they take a deep dive into the details we usually miss.