Series 1 - Episode 1 KitKat



Think of this as Inside the Factory crossed with a culinary duel. Fred Sirieix presents a daft but satisfying contest in which top chefs compete to produce a perfect replica of a classic snack — in this case, a KitKat.

The idea is that we learn how KitKats are manufactured at the Nestlé factory in York, while the chefs do their best to create the bar from scratch, using posh kitchens and some molecular gastronomy.

There are intriguing revelations, including the fact that the main ingredient in the sweet goo that is poured between the wafers is in fact… crushed up Kit Kats (as fans of Inside the Factory may already know).

And, as Michelin-starred chef Daniel Clifford and his rival Vivek Singh toil for four-finger perfection, the showdown – judged by a panel of Nestlé’s middle managers – proves surprisingly tense.


Fred Sirieix challenges top chefs try to crack the secret techniques and recipes behind some of Britain's best-loved snacks. In the first episode, Daniel Clifford from Cambridge's Midsummer House and Vivek Singh from Westminster's Cinnamon Club compete to create a KitKat from scratch, with the results judged by the assembly-line workers and bosses who make the real thing.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fred Sirieix
Executive Producer Nick Hornby
Executive Producer Sarah Eglin