Monster Munch

Series 1 - Episode 2 Monster Munch



I love the slightly silly, mad-scientist element to this show, which this week sees top chefs competing to replicate a packet of pickled onion-flavour Monster Munch. There’s something enjoyably cruel about watching a Michelin-starred maestro tear his hair out as he tries to puff up corn just the right way so that it has that weird aerated texture and pungent acid hit that you may or may not have loved as a child.

The trouble is, for all the fancy gear in modern restaurant kitchens, like steam ovens and dehydrators and thermo-mixers, what they don’t have is the industrial extruding machine used in the factory: so one of the chefs gets serious – and orders one from China.


Fred Sirieix challenges top chefs Matt Worswick and Tristan Welch to make a bag of Pickled Onion flavour Monster Munch, to be judged by the factory workers who make the real thing. The chefs spend weeks trying to guess what goes into the famous crisps, and go to extreme measures to perfectly replicate the flavour.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fred Sirieix
Executive Producer Nick Hornby
Executive Producer Sarah Eglin