Series 1 - Episode 1



Sitcom in which Birmingham is engulfed in a zombie apocalypse. Two sisters have the bright idea of fleeing the city by canal, reasoning that zombies cannot swim and narrowboats move slightly faster. However, as they set off on their journey, they find themselves with two stowaways - a pair or friends who got caught up in the bloodshed during a stag night. Starring Leah Brotherhead and Cara Theobold.

Cast & Crew

Kat Leah Brotherhead
Jo Cara Theobold
Amar Ryan McKen
Sunny Hamza Jeetooa
Julie Johnson Jodie Saunders
Jude Callum Kerr
Rob Rory Fleck Byrne
Train guard Daniel Barnard
Zombie Maja Bloom
Zombie Sam Faruki
Zombie Leon Corbin
Zombie Chloe Oliver
Zombie Rishi Rai
Director Adam Miller
Executive Producer Camilla Campbell
Executive Producer Robert Wulff-Cochrane
Producer Matthew Mulot
Writer Adam Miller
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Drama Sitcom