The Banquet

Series 5 - Episode 3 The Banquet



The boys gatecrash a posh banquet having received an invitation by mistake. Once there, Marcus attempts to win favour with their host Senator Varus, while Jason seduces bored aristocrat Rufina. Banished to eat with the other slaves, Grumio overhears what he thinks might be a poison plot. Guest starring Amanda Holden, Tracy-Ann Oberman and David Calder.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Tom Rosenthal
Grumio Ryan Sampson
Jason Jonathan Pointing
Aurelius Tom Basden
Senator Varus David Calder
Petronius William Andrews
Rufina Amanda Holden
Agrippa Jude Akuwudike
Clodia Tracy-Ann Oberman
Esther Ava Talbot
Director Sam Leifer
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Producer Teddy Leifer
Writer Tom Basden
Writer Sam Leifer
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