Series 1 - Episode 2



The twist at the end of last week’s episode was a good one. Stop here if you haven’t seen this intriguing thriller yet, but we now know that Daniel’s secret underground clinic has a higher purpose.

After the scenes we saw of his wife Beth’s memorial service and her bereaved parents and daughter, it turns out that actually, Beth never died: Daniel has kept her alive and now, in his medi-bunker, she is the key patient, albeit in a coma.

But presently Daniel (Mark Strong) has a more urgent problem: Anna, his former colleague and girlfriend – whom he drugged in order to steal a blood transfusion – wakes up and wanders out. Will she reveal his secret?


Daniel is forced to put Beth's former colleague Anna into an impossible position and the secrecy of the underground clinic is put in jeopardy.

Cast & Crew

Daniel Milton Mark Strong
Lee Daniel Mays
Anna Carice van Houten