The Sudden Apprehension of Barry Dixon

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Sudden Apprehension of Barry Dixon



A gigantic corned beef hash is the funniest thing in an episode that treads water as characters ruminate. Hapless Mike (Jason Manford) is still unable, for some reason, to commit completely to his girlfriend Karen (Catherine Tyldesley), while she in turn isn’t entirely sure she can trust him after spotting Mike in a clinch with brassy Hayley.

Everyone’s pondering about something as those two very strange police officers enquire into the burglary next door to Karen’s mum (the great Stephanie Cole), and we hear yet more about the mysterious and unfortunate Mrs Bookham, who died on the hair salon toilet in the first episode. There are uncomfortable questions about her wealth.


On the day of Mrs Bookham's funeral, a blazing row about the contents of the deceased's handbag sees Lisa Marie storm out telling Geraldine she can `stick her job'. At the arcade Mike receives a visit from a disgruntled Tony Peroni who wants to call in his debt, while suspicions mounts about Bigsy's involvement in Mr Ferris's burglary. Karen has doubts about her relationship with Mike and during a heart to heart with Lisa Marie confesses that there was a lot more to the kiss between Mike and Hayley Cox. Comedy, starring Stephanie Cole, Maggie Ollerenshaw, Catherine Tyldesley and Jason Manford.

Cast & Crew

Marion Stephanie Cole
Karen Catherine Tyldesley
Mike Jason Manford
Tony Peroni Jake Canuso
Yolanda Rebekah Hinds
WPC Treeves Rebecca Scroggs
PC Merrick Olisa Odele
Lisa-Marie Harriet Webb
Mrs Winters Julie Edwards
Mandy Gina Fillingham
Geraldine Maggie Ollerenshaw
Bigsy Steve Edge
Mrs Gilroy Pam Shaw
Jess Steff Todd
Jack Derren Litten
Hayley Cox Claire Sweeney
Director Derren Litten
Executive Producer Stephen McCrum
Executive Producer James Farrell
Producer Gill Isles
Writer Derren Litten
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