Bad Santas

Series 3 - Episode 9 Bad Santas



There are two vital elements to Christmas episodes of American police procedurals. The first is that they’re broadcast at the wrong time of year here in the UK. And the second is that there must be a crook who resembles Santa Claus. Thankfully, Lethal Weapon has some fun with its Saint Nick lookalike, who tries to lose himself in a parade filled with other Father Christmasses, only for a reveller to yell out: “Santa’s got a gun!” The rough-housing that follows is quite the comedy spectacle.

Away from the fisticuffs, the episode touches on everything from the Nativity story (there’s a “no room at the inn” eviction subplot) to Dickens, as Cole flashes back to festive seasons past.


While Cole gets into the holiday spirit for his first Christmas with Maya, Murtaugh hopes he can convince RJ to come back home from Costa Rica for the holidays. At the precinct, Cole and Murtaugh are saddled with a complicated burglary and home invasion case. Meanwhile, Avery's holidays are a bit blue, and Bailey is still trying to figure out her new partner. Action drama, starring Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott.

Cast & Crew

Roger Murtaugh Damon Wayans
Wesley Cole Seann William Scott
Trish Murtaugh Keesha Sharp
Brooks Avery Kevin Rahm
Bernard Scorsese Johnathan Fernandez
Roger Murtaugh Jr Dante Brown
Riana Murtaugh Chandler Kinney
Sonya Bailey Michelle Mitchenor
Gutierrez Paola Lazaro
Gillian Louise Lombard
Oscar Ripley Coley Speaks
Brenda Marypat Farrell
Alan Timothy Davis-Reed
Maya Shay Rudolph
Director John Behring
Executive Producer Bill Callahan
Executive Producer Seamus Kevin Fahey
Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Executive Producer Dan Lin
Executive Producer Matt Miller
Executive Producer Alex Taub
Producer Marc David Alpert
Producer Joshua Levey
Writer Alex Taub
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