Series 1 - Episode 6



As this last episode of Brassic opens, it seems as if Vinnie’s finally bitten off more than he can chew. A horse-drawn hearse is trundling down the street, carrying a casket on which a pair of trainers have been placed and a floral tribute reads “Vinnie“. Surely our antihero can’t be dead, can he?

We quickly cut to four days earlier, where Vinnie’s nicked a car that, unbeknown to him, is loaded with antiques belonging to none other than Terence McCann. Alongside the daft slapstick elements are genuinely heart-wrenching moments – particularly between Erin and Dylan – befitting of a nifty finale that leaves you teetering on numerous cliff-hangers. Luckily, Sky has already green-lit a second series.


Vinnie is horrified to discover that the boot of a car he has spontaneously nicked contains stolen antiques belonging to Terence McCann. Threatening him with horrific violence, the gangster tasks Vinnie with returning the collectibles and finding the individual who took them.

Cast & Crew

Vinnie Joe Gilgun
Erin Michelle Keegan
Tommo Ryan Sampson
Dylan Damien Molony
Ash Aaron Heffernan
JJ Parth Thakerar
Terence McCann Ramon Tikaram
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