First Dates Hotel

First Dates Hotel

Series 4 - Episode 3



After last week’s delicious frisson between Finn and Georgia, this turns into a real rollercoaster of nerves and emotion for viewers. She’s ditched her blind date, but now he’s having dinner with his date Jana, so all Georgia can do is wait anxiously. Inevitably Jana and Finn are an almost perfect match with loads in common, although you still can’t help hoping that it’s Finn and Georgia that get the romantic ending.

But there’s more in this don’t-miss episode: delightful octogenarians Dorit and John get on famously and share amazing life stories (may they make many more together), while young Maisie bravely reveals something very personal to her date Rev.


Manager Fred Sirieix opens the doors of the Italian hotel once more as another group of UK singles check in, hoping to find romance under the Mediterranean sun. Among them is 83-year-old former jazz singer Dorit, who is looking for a `grey-haired stud'. Is 82-year-old poetry lover John the one for her? Also paired up are 27-year-old accountant Rev and 24-year-old artist Maisie, who has a big story to tell. Plus, there's an update on philosophy graduate Finn and primary school teacher Georgia, who fell for each other last week - despite him being matched up with Jana.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Fred Sirieix
Executive Producer Adam Chapman
Series Editor Richard Mills
Series Producer Rosie Franks