The Rebel Chef: My Restaurant Revolution

The Rebel Chef: My Restaurant Revolution


“Gary Usher is the best chef you’ve probably never heard of,” claims Ricky Tomlinson on the voiceover. This one-off doc strains to present Usher as a plucky outsider struggling to break through, but it protests too much: he already has a string of successful bistros across the North West, financed the hipster way, via crowdfunding.

Now, however, Usher faces a bigger challenge: Prescot. The past-its-prime Merseyside town has a high street drained of footfall by a nearby retail park. Usher hopes to open what will be the town centre’s first new restaurant in 30 years, transforming a shabby old betting shop in the process.

Are the locals ready for slow-braised octopus? Can they handle a deep-fried pig’s-head croquette? Entertaining vox pops on the street suggest not. But Usher presses on and proves a screen natural: we’ll see more of him.


Chef Gary Usher was discarded as a teenage loser but has turned his life around to make good food at a decent price. Now he sets out to bring his food to Prescot, Merseyside, which has not had a new restaurant in more than 30 years. His plan is to open a bistro in the rundown town centre. But to achieve his dream, he must crowdfund £50,000, build a French-style eaterie out of rubble and convince the sceptical townsfolk to fall in love with the exotic food he will be serving.

Cast & Crew

Director Dan Burns
Executive Producer Jay Taylor
Series Producer Rebecca Arnold