Cell H

Series 1 - Episode 2 Cell H



The tension rises in the second episode of this pulse-pounding thriller, which follows a team of scientists as they struggle to contain a possible Ebola outbreak in 1989.

With the risk of infection high, the most insignificant details – a tiny drop of blood on a busy road, a man checking over a suit for holes, a worker casually reaching for a donut, or a bar of soap – register like nuclear countdowns, with any stray contact likely to cause a devastating outbreak on American soil.

Luckily, contingencies are in place to stop things getting further – at least, until two lab specialists decide to hide their own possible exposure from their superiors…


Jaax takes matters into her own hands to obtain samples of the virus from the infected monkeys, and recruits the aid of an expert to help her trace the source of the outbreak.

Cast & Crew

Dr Nancy Jaax Julianna Margulies
Wade Carter Liam Cunningham