Conspiracy Files: Are Vaccines Safe?

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Conspiracy Files: Are Vaccines Safe?



“The mass poisoning and destruction of a generation of children” is how one activist describes vaccination here.

It’s an emotive issue and the programme as a whole makes clear where the science stands – that vaccine-sceptic ideas are founded on fear and misinformation. But you may feel that alongside the many scientists, the programme gives various antivax campaigners too much screen time to repeat claims that have been proven baseless.

As their ideas spread and global measles cases rise (Britain lost its measles-free status in August), it’s interesting to learn the origins of vaccine fears in a 1970s whooping-cough scare – and how Russian bots now spread fears via social media.


As Britain loses its measles-free status and cases surge worldwide, the World Health Organisation has labelled `vaccine hesitancy' a top 10 threat to global health. But campaigners claim that vaccines are unsafe, and the cause of a health catastrophe. Decades of scientific research do not back them up. Yet their ideas not only persist - they are reaching around the globe. This documentary examines the arguments of those who campaign against vaccines, and hears from people at the heart of alleged conspiracies. And it analyses how vaccine-sceptic ideas are spreading, what gives them currency and who may be benefiting.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Saskia Reeves
Director Victoria James
Executive Producer Mike Radford
Producer Victoria James