Comedians Giving Lectures

Comedians Giving Lectures

Series 1 - Episode 2



This is the kind of show that, in my childhood, would have been called “blue”. I’m sure that parents who like a nice bit of smut, as well as their teenage children, will find a lot to laugh at; I just wouldn’t recommend they watch it together. So let the teens seek it out on their mobiles, while the rest of us watch it kid (and guilt) free.

Though you may still blush, especially if you’re nodding along as Ed Gamble delivers his talk on unwanted arousal, which features a list of cartoon creatures he finds attractive: the vixen Maid Marian in Disney’s Robin Hood, Nala from The Lion King and… Beauty and the Beast’s Lumiere.


Stand-up comedians Ed Gamble, Katherine Ryan and Sindhu Vee are given the titles of real lectures and invited to give their own version. Presented by Sara Pascoe.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sara Pascoe
Contestant Ed Gamble
Contestant Katherine Ryan
Contestant Sindhu Vee