Sex, Drugs and Murder

Sex, Drugs and Murder



A year after her son’s death from the drug GHB, Paddy Bloor’s mum still can’t bear to take down the sympathy cards, she feels it would be like packing Paddy, who was 21 when he died, away for good.

Paddy Bloor’s story is part of a harrowing, shocking film from BuzzFeed News’s LGBT editor Patrick Strudwick, who himself has lost friends to overdoses of a drug that is absurdly cheap (as little as 50p a hit) and ridiculously easy to obtain.

But it can be a killer. Even the smallest overdose can send users into a coma, in which they stop breathing. The prevalence of GHB deaths is almost impossible to quantify as it’s not part of routine toxicology tests.


Following the convictions of serial killer Stephen Port and murderer Gerald Matovu, who both used GHB as their weapon, Dispatches has conducted an eight-month investigation with BuzzFeed News into the use of the drug among gay men. With the largest ever survey of GHB users, Dispatches reveals for the first time the human cost of the epidemic scale of abuse, with over a quarter of users reporting being sexually assaulted, almost half having overdosed, thousands of hospital admissions, and a hidden crime spree: rape, murder, and the live-streaming of sexual abuse. The law allows GBL to be sold for cleaning purposes, which enables easy access to industrial quantities of it online, which can then be used/sold as GHB to users. Dispatches interviews men who have been deliberately overdosed, raped, and those including Lord Brian Paddick who have lost partners and family members.

Cast & Crew

Reporter Patrick Strudwick
Director Katie Rice
Executive Producer Brian Woods
Producer Patrick Strudwick
Producer Katie Rice
Current Affairs Documentary