This Way Up

Series 1 - Episode 5



This is an underpowered, foot-tapping episode of Aisling Bea’s dark comedy, which is more dark than comedy, with more of those painful changes in tone. Aine (Bea) tips over into being too tiresomely flippant because her big sister Shona (Sharon Horgan) isn’t around – she’s having a weekend away with her attentive boyfriend.

So that means Aine is on her own and must throw herself on the mercy of anyone who wants to spend any time with her. Unfortunately this includes her former boyfriend Freddie, the man we’ve been led to believe triggered her breakdown after the end of their relationship. But the episode is just about saved by the most magnificently judgemental barmaid.


A text from her ex Freddie catches Aine by surprise, and a spontaneous night out with Bradley and his friends gives her the chance to let her hair down. However, she bumps into Tom from rehab, who has started drinking again, and against her better judgement turns to the person least likely to make her feel better. Comedy written by and starring Aisling Bea.

Cast & Crew

Aine Aisling Bea
Matty Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge
Clara Shiloh Coke
Freddie Chris Geere
Etienne Dorian Grover
Tom Ricky Grover
Shona Sharon Horgan
Victor Todor Jordanov
Bradley Kadiff Kirwan
Chien Pik-Sen Lim
Vish Aasif Mandvi
Richard Tobias Menzies
Mo Jassem Mougari
James Ekow Quartey
Alina Daniela Spataru
Poppy Danielle Vitalis
Director Alex Winckler
Executive Producer Clelia Mountford
Executive Producer Sharon Horgan
Executive Producer Aisling Bea
Producer Gavin O'Grady
Writer Aisling Bea
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