Series 1 - Episode 5



There are enough flecks of gold in Brassic to keep you coming back – mostly courtesy of Joe Gilgun’s Vinnie, who’s never far from a scornful eye and snarky one-liner. He is undoubtedly at his exasperated best when he’s sharing screen time with Dominic West, and tonight’s episode throws up some real gems when unlikely acquaintances Vinnie and Dr Chris end up trapped together – along with the rest of the gang – in a cannabis farm loft that they’re attempting, poorly, to raid.

And if you thought this lot were bad, wait until you meet Erin’s brother Ronnie. After absconding from prison, he arrives to wreak havoc. Never mind rustling Shetland ponies and koi carp; they’re small fry for this unruly reprobate.


Vinnie's plan to carry out an audacious raid on a rival grower's weed farm is sabotaged when Erin's diabolical brother Ronnie turns up on the run from prison.

Cast & Crew

Vinnie Joseph Gilgun
Tommo Ryan Sampson
Erin Michelle Keegan
Dylan Damien Molony
Ash Aaron Heffernan
JJ Parth Thakerar
Cardi Tom Hanson
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