Cops and Robbers

Series 1 - Episode 7 Cops and Robbers



An armoured truck containing, we discover later, $2.6 million is hijacked by a gang of men masquerading as NYPD police officers dealing with a drunk-driver arrest. It’s a clever ruse, but it takes no time for FBI agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan to come up with a suspect, even though that lead ends in a pool of blood.

The investigation itself is not as tense or thrilling as previous ones, but it finally gives OA the chance to share some of his horrific experiences in Iraq, something that’s been hinted at before but never properly explored. Boss Dana Mosier is worried reviving these memories might cloud his judgement. She’s right, as always.


Maggie and OA are on the hunt for a ruthless gang of thieves who have been dressing as NYPD officers to target armoured trucks.

Cast & Crew

Maggie Bell Missy Peregrym
Zeeko Zaki
Ebonee Noel