This Way Up

Series 1 - Episode 4



With majestic inappropriateness sisters Aine and Shona are persuaded to sing the Cranberries’ furiously angry protest song Zombie at a family birthday party. It’s a catastrophe that’s entirely the fault of their overbearing, self-obsessed, argumentative mother (a star turn from Sorcha Cusack).

It’s another cheery episode of Aisling Bea’s odd, likeable comedy, though there is a jarring change of tone towards the end when things suddenly get bleak and serious as Aine (Bea) learns something she never suspected about her mum.

Mainly, though, the episode is all about "mammy" and her strained relationship with her flippant youngest daughter, who’s only just emerging from the fog of a nervous breakdown. Mammy, a one-time bit part actor and TV weather girl, is the undoubted star guest at a birthday party for Vish’s dad. But talk around the tea-table becomes uncomfortable for Shona (Sharon Horgan).


Tensions are high as Aine and Shona's mother travels over from Ireland to visit Vish's family. Over dinner, Shona surprises the guests by declaring that she does not want children, and an impromptu talent show is the only solution to the awkwardness. Comedy, written by and starring Aisling Bea as Aine, a foreign language teacher trying to pull her life back together after a breakdown. Sharon Horgan co-stars as her sister Shona, who is not only increasingly worried about Aine, but also has her own problems.

Cast & Crew

Aine Aisling Bea
Eileen Sorcha Cusack
Shona Sharon Horgan
Vish Aasif Mandvi
Hari Jeff Mirza
Director Alex Winckler
Executive Producer Clelia Mountford
Executive Producer Sharon Horgan
Executive Producer Aisling Bea
Producer Gavin O'Grady
Writer Aisling Bea
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