Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes

Under Fire

Series 1 - Episode 3 Under Fire



This marvellous “restoration comedy” goes out on a high, with a story that embraces all the best facets of Dad’s Army: edges of pathos, lovely character moments and lashings of slapstick – plus a guest turn from Tracy Ann Oberman as Mrs Pike. It’s the “lost episode” where incendiary bombs tumble down on Walmington, and the town may or may not be harbouring a spy.

It’s undoubtedly humour from a gentler age, and all the better for it. But those who condemn the old-school approach should take note of the progressive outcome: look how the xenophobia and “men will sort this out” storylines play out. Calling Dad’s Army: the Lost Episodes a triumph doesn’t do it justice.


Tipped off by Frazer and Godfrey, Mainwaring and Wilson investigate a house from where they believe someone may have been signalling to enemy aircraft. They take the suspect back to the church hall, but chaos ensues when an incendiary bomb comes through the roof and the platoon desperately battles the blaze. Remake of the classic sitcom, starring Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst and Kevin Eldon.

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Kevin McNally
Sgt Wilson Robert Bathurst
Cpl Jones Kevin Eldon
Pte Frazer David Hayman
Pte Walker Mathew Horne
Pte Godfrey Timothy West
Pte Pike Tom Rosenthal
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