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Series 5 - Episode 7



The penultimate episode of our beloved Poldark ends with a sentence from Ross that rings with the portent of danger: “It’s the greatest gamble I have ever undertaken!” Of course it is, we can’t leave Ross Poldark, buccaneer and patriot, in his dressing gown eating chocolate biscuits and doing crosswords. He must face discovery and death as we say goodbye for ever (the last instalment is tomorrow).

Ross’s enemies, Mr Mahogany and that bent magistrate, think they have evidence of his treachery, his collusion with the hated French who will bring war and revolution to Britain. But Ross’s secret plan takes its toll on Demelza. She can’t know the truth, and the lies hurt like mad.


Demelza discovers the French are smuggling arms into Cornwall, but Ross is determined to take revenge on Merceron and Hanson for framing Ned and returns to London to confront them. Sam continues to meet with Tess against all caution as Cecily and Geoffrey Charles plan their escape with Ross's help, but the danger that stalks the Poldarks follows swiftly.

Cast & Crew

Ross Poldark Aidan Turner
Demelza Poldark Eleanor Tomlinson
Morwenna Carne Ellise Chappell
Joseph Merceron Tim Dutton
Prudie Paynter Beatie Edney
George Warleggan Jack Farthing
Kitty Despard Kerri McLean
Dwight Enys Luke Norris
Drake Carne Harry Richardson
Zacky Martin Tristan Sturrock
Ralph Hanson Peter Sullivan
Cary Warleggan Pip Torrens
Caroline Enys Gabriella Wilde
Sam Carne Tom York
William Wickham Anthony Calf
Cecily Hanson Lily Dodsworth-Evans
Tess Tregidden Sofia Oxenham
Geoffrey Charles Freddie Wise
Valentine Warleggan Woody Norman
Jacka Hoblyn John MacNeill
Laurent Zachary Fall
Rosina Hoblyn Amelia Clarkson
Clowance Poldark Wensdae Gibbons
Director Sallie Aprahamian
Executive Producer Debbie Horsfield
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Karen Thrussell
Producer Michael Ray
Writer Debbie Horsfield
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