Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes

A Stripe for Frazer

Series 1 - Episode 2 A Stripe for Frazer



The second of three faithfully reconstructed episodes is an entirely church-hall-set story in which Jones and Frazer battle it out to be made up to the rank of corporal. These are early days (Godfrey has a rifle, Mainwaring dons his officer’s cap for the first time) and as such, have a different flavour to later outings. But the gag rate is high, and details are so carefully preserved that a few plot points only make sense when the story is viewed after those preceding it.

As Kevin (Jones) Eldon told RT, “We’re making the best cover versions that we can. People will recognise that it’s done for the right reasons. With a lot of love.” He’s spot on.


When he's told he can make a member of the platoon a corporal, Mainwaring instigates a competition between Frazer and Jones to see who deserves the promotion. Both do their best to impress him, particularly during a demonstration on how to face down a Nazi stormtrooper, but things go awry when a power-crazed Frazer charges the other men with court-martial offences. Remake of the classic sitcom, starring Kevin McNally, Robert Bathurst, Kevin Eldon and David Hayman.

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Kevin McNally
Sgt Wilson Robert Bathurst
Cpl Jones Kevin Eldon
Pte Frazer David Hayman
Pte Walker Mathew Horne
Pte Godfrey Timothy West
Pte Pike Tom Rosenthal
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